"Success is a dream, an imagined reality.

And you as the dreamer have full control." 


Meet Our Founders

“It’s only when we choose to rip up the rule book that we can truly become who we were destined to be.” 

Miranda Christopher, Transformation Leader and Founder of Thrive & Grow

I grew up in a northern mill town in the UK, the eldest child in a single parent family. My personal mantra has always been “where there is a will, there is a way”. And with the support of a mother who believed we can educate ourselves out of our current environment, I chose to go way beyond the limitations of the culture I was born into.

For many years I ran my own transformation consultancy business working on multi million pound organisational culture change programmes for the Financial Services sector and FTSE 100 companies.

In 2014, I hit burnout with an illness that left me totally incapacitated and unable to work. My successful consultancy business closed down the same day. And, I had no plan b.

Over my subsequent years of recovery, I joined a personal development group that consisted mainly of female entrepreneurs. As a specialist behavioural coach, I started to notice patterns in the attendees behaviours that were inconsistent with their words. Why was that?

After three and a half years research on “Why do women fail in business?" I identified “What women need to succeed”.

I fundamentally learnt that each and every woman has to build business standing in “her own shoes”, not using an outdated traditional business model and societal "rules" that had never served them. I created a system to help them to breakthrough and reach success on their terms, it's called the M.I.N.E.R.V.A. Manifesto™ System.  

“Life is not a spectator sport, it is a great adventure grab it by the horns and live it! If we aren’t living we are dying and I know which I will choose, do you?”

Judith Wright, Brand and Strategy Virtuosa and Co-Founder of Thrive and Grow

I am an author, trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. I am renowned for my no nonsense, straight forward approach to life. Those who know me would say what you see is what you get!

I have run multiple businesses and have experienced the highs and lows that create the rollercoaster ride we call business. Over my thirty years of experience in Marketing and Branding I have come to know that a brand is definitely inspired by the person who started the business. It carries the essence of who they are within it. The art in developing the brand as the business grows is being able to take the essence of that brand and make it transferable so it can be seen and felt by all who touch with it.

Then take us as people - Its funny how we often spend months planning a holiday, yet we rarely spend any time planning our own life and what we would ultimately like to experience. That is why I am so in love with Thrive and Grow and all that Miranda and I have created in our supportive community.

There is such a buzz in sharing the knowledge that allows people to realise that they are powerful human beings who can harness that power to become the true predominant creative force in their own lives so they can live a life they love.

What do we do in Thrive & Grow?

In it's simplest terms we provide a safe space for women to come together to create a life they love!

We help you to recognise that the best life is always up for grabs.

"Success is a dream, an imagined reality and you as the dreamer have full control……."

We have helped thousands of people to realise that success is always an inside job.

We never tell you what to do we just provide you with the structure and tools you need to rewrite your own rulebook and enjoy the success you deserve.