Your Visibility and Lead Generation


We started our January Sprint4Success this week, where a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners work together for 12 weeks to create growth in their business; more clients, more money, more time or a combination of the three.

What I love about these Sprints is that a theme naturally emerges, this sprint’s theme is visibility for lead generation.  Everyone involved has a product or service to sell, they have a need to create the leads to convert to paying customers.

There are lo…

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5 Ways to Avoid Burn Out in Your Business


Burn out is a very real thing, whether you work for a large company or work for yourself. Slowly, over time, you start hitting the snooze button; you procrastinate about starting projects; you suffer from writer’s block when it comes to creating products; and you do not look forward to your client sessions. It may seem to come on suddenly, but these easy-to-miss signs start slowly and snowball until you question if you still want to continue being a coach.

No one is immune to this dilemma but t…

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How to Bust Through Your Money Blocks

money tap ISS_23395_07165

Do you think your money mindset is holding you back in your earning potential?

You’re not alone.

So many entrepreneurs are tethered by what's known as the poverty mindset.

This comes from feelings of ‘unworthiness’.

It usually stems from our relationship with money matters from early in our lives.

Did your parents struggle to make ends meet?

Was spending associated with risk in your family?

These negative associations result in fear of poverty.

You end up trying to avoid it, being wary o…

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