Controversial Statement Time!

merry go round

The personal development world is F*CKED.  Yep! That’s right a multi billionaire dollar industry that is just so F*CKED.  In fact, it’s growth is testament to why it is F*CKED.

In 2016, standing in the middle of a very posh department store, staring at an exquisite blouse, I had the realisation that “I’m not broken” in fact no-one is.  So please STOP trying to fix me.

Now why would I say that as someone who has trained and used so many personal development modalities? 

I AM able to say this f…

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Creating a Life and Business You Love! Episode One: We have to do the "work".


I’m Miranda Christopher founder of Thrive & Grow.

I have created a very different approach to business building for women.  To do this I had to experience struggle, frustration, and a very epic failure in one of my businesses.

As a result, deeply embroiled in my pity party for one, I wanted to know if it was just me that had this experience.

I’d had other businesses and they were really successful, so why was it different this time?

After a particularly emotional exchange w…

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