MINERVA Manifesto™ - Your Personalised Blueprint for Success

"It’s only when we choose to rip up the rule book that we can truly become who we were destined to be.” Miranda Christopher

When you started your business I bet you dreamed of freedom, freedom from the 9 to 5 and following other people's rules.

Maybe you've been one of the lucky statistics that make it beyond the first year, potentially you may have been running your business for years.

Hopefully, your business is making enough money to cover all the bills!

But right now you might be thinking that you had no idea that running a business could be so difficult.  Or that you would have so many different hats to wear that it can make you dizzy!

You could continue trying to figure it all out by yourself, but you don’t need to. 

Miranda spent nearly four years working out what makes women (and men) successful in business and she designed the MINERVA Manifesto™ system to teach women how to create their businesses in the way that works for them and doesn’t rely on out dated business practices which don’t take account of creating a life you love.

In creating the Manifesto you will identify your:

  • Motivation for starting and growing your business
  • Intentions, short, medium and long term that take you towards your goals and dreams
  • barriers to success and what you have to say NO! to 
  • ideal Environment to ensure you thrive and not just survive in business
  • optimal resources mix to maximise your Revenue
  • true Value, not to be confused with your pricing
  • 'A' team to support, guide and keep you Accountable

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MINERVA Manifesto™ System

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