This is your one and only opportunity to Join the Minerva Manifesto™ Live for FREE 

Business can be FUN and PROFITABLE.

There are over 7.9 billion people on this planet and you are completely unique, so your business needs to be too.


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Who is this Challenge for?

Women who are:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Coaches

The sessions take place live on the 29th, 31st March and the 4th and 6th April 2022 at 7pm (UK time); with a Q&A session on the 11th April also at 7pm.

Don’t worry if you can’t make all the sessions, they will be in the Minerva Manifesto™ course area,  so you can catch the replay. Participants will have access for 7 days after the Minerva Manifesto™ Live ends.

So, it figures the best way to build your business is for it to be unique to you. 

Yet so many business owners keep copying other people believing their way might work for them? How could it when they aren’t you?

On the Minerva Manifesto™ Live you will discover a new way to do business, make money and enjoy life.

You see, business CAN be FUN and PROFITABLE.

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Join us NOW as the Minerva Manifesto™ Live will give you the opportunity to develop your own unique Manifesto which includes your own Personal Blueprint for Success.

In creating your Manifesto you will know::

  • The FOUNDATIONS that every business woman must have for success
  • The FACTORS that create roadblocks to having success with ease
  • The optimum success FULFILMENT model that is unique to you
  • How to achieve much more FLOW in the way your business works for you


The first step in building your successful business is figuring out you:

  • Your wants, needs and desires
  • What lights you up and what doesn’t in business (no-one loves every aspect)
  • Your roadblocks to having that success you desire 

And when you have real clarity on your success:

  • The lifestyle you desire
  • Spending time with family, 
  • Not having to worry about money and
  • Feeling really good about yourself

Imagine having laser focus to get you there! 

But right now you might be struggling with some aspect of business, everyone does, until they figure out their own unique business success blueprint.

It’s not your fault, you’ve been taught the cookie cutter approach to business with gurus and experts telling you exactly how to do it. They lack one thing, they are not experts at being you.

If you are now ready to do it your way, and 

  • Attract customers 
  • Make money with more ease
  • Have lots of fun and laughter on the way 

Then you are ready to create your own MINERVA Manifesto™. YOUR unique pathway to success.


And here’s the really great news you can access our life and business transforming training for free. This is the only time it will ever be available at no charge.

PLUS for those women who really show up and embrace the training - you get access to these bonuses:

  • Be our guest at a Success Pod – value £100
  • Attend an online session with Miranda and Judith where they will share more tools to help you on the road to success - value £250
  • Be entered into a prize draw to win a Goddess Activation Experience value £497


Don’t forget this is a once only offer with 0 investment from you (other than your time and active participation), which of course we value.

There’s no magic woo woo or voo doo in what we do. It’s all grounded in the latest neuroscience explained in lay persons terms. 

You'll receive access to the Minerva Manifesto™ Live platform, 7 days prior to the event where you can download the workbook,  access the private Facebook Group and the live sessions.

They are on 29th, 31st March and 4th and 6th April 2022 starting at 7pm (UK time). With a  Q & A session on the 11th April also at 7pm (UK time).

Your hosts for the sessions are Thrive & Grow co-founders Miranda Christopher and Judith Wright.


Why is it Free?

At Thrive & Grow,  we are passionate about changing the world of business for the better for everyone.

And we know that successful women help to create that better world.

By creating your very own Minerva Manifesto™ you are committing to doing business on your own terms; being the leader of your life and not the follower of someone else's.

Miranda and Judith have over 50 years of experience in business between them.

Wait a minute, who are we?


Miranda Christopher, Transformation Leader and Founder of Thrive & Grow

For many years I ran my own transformation consultancy business working on multi million pound organisational culture change programmes for the Financial Services sector and FTSE 100 companies.

In 2014, I hit burnout with an illness that left me totally incapacitated and unable to work. My successful consultancy business closed down the same day. And, I had no plan b.

Over my subsequent years of recovery, I joined a personal development group that consisted mainly of female entrepreneurs. As a specialist behavioural coach, I started to notice patterns in the attendees behaviours that were inconsistent with their words. Why was that?

After three and a half years research on “Why do women fail in business?" I identified “What women need to succeed”.

I fundamentally learnt that each and every woman has to build business standing in “her own shoes”, not using an outdated traditional business model and societal "rules" that had never served them. I created a system to help them to breakthrough and reach success on their terms, it's called the MINERVA Manifesto™ System.  


Judith Wright, Brand and Strategy Virtuoso and Co-Founder of Thrive and Grow

I have run multiple businesses and have experienced the highs and lows that create the rollercoaster ride we call business.

Over my thirty years of experience in Marketing and Branding I have come to know that a brand is definitely inspired by the person who started the business. It carries the essence of who they are within it.

The art in developing the brand as the business grows is being able to take the essence of that brand and make it transferable so it can be seen and felt by all who touch with it.

Then take us as people - Its funny how we often spend months planning a holiday, yet we rarely spend any time planning our own life and what we would ultimately like to experience.

That is why I am so in love with Thrive and Grow and all that Miranda and I have created in our supportive community.

There is such a buzz in sharing the knowledge that allows people to realise that they are powerful human beings who can harness that power to become the true predominant creative force in their own lives so they can live a life they love.

What Other's Have to Say....

Thrive & Grow

“I doubled my turnover, achieving a six-figure income whilst reducing my working week from 60 hours to 25-30 hours. Attending was the best thing I ever did, there was no looking back.”

Thrive & Grow

“I added a 0 onto the end of my revenue in 18 months lifting me into a 7-figure revenue. My issue was around the fulfillment part and putting in place a business model that worked around my role as a mum and wife, using the right systems, processing and outsourcing.”

Thrive & Grow

“ I have been self employed for a long time and it has made me think about things in such a different light. I wish I had found it years ago, it will be my business bible from now on.”