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In our Community we have different groups you can join

Book Club

We feature a book each month that our members have selected that they think you would enjoy. Each month we have a club session to discuss the book. Wine is optional!


Debt Free Living

This is a great online course that offers a very simple solution on how to bring any debt under control and offers a way to work on paying debt down in an easy formula that offers excellent results.



When we meditate we are undertaking a practice that has countless benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually. So, it makes good sense to have some to hand to be able to either start this practice or continue with it if you currently practice meditation.


In the very near future we will be adding our very own Wine Club, Dining Club, Yoga Club and plans for many more based on the interests of our members.

Each month you'll have a new set of resources available to you in the form of articles and e-books covering a variety of topics to support you in creating a life you love.

You have the opportunity to meet likeminded women local to you to take the fun offline too.

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