Transformational Treats

Your Pathway to a Second Chance at Life!

If you never have enough time, are always spinning plates and wearing multiple hats, there’s a good chance you probably feel like you are on a hamster wheel...

If you are ready to get off the wheel, take stock, time for you and embrace a new way of living you will be in the right place. This is your second chance at life – your opportunity to create a life you love.


Our retreats are designed to help you to unlock the hidden rulebook you have lived your life by. When you leave you will be clear on what you want in life and you will have the tools to create it.


Imagine the sheer joy of feeling in control and knowing that you are the author of your own life. You will:

  • Start by exploring your current reality
  • Discover what you really want your life to look like
  • Tune into the infinite possibilities that are available to you, which it’s likely you don’t even know are available to you right now
  • Work out how you want to show up in the world
  • Be clear on how you want to express yourself to the world through the clothes and style you choose to wear
  • Walk away with tools that will support you to live the life you love
  • Know how to be the best expression of yourself!

We know the importance of time to relax and reflect on what you are discovering about yourself so you will have some free time to explore the location, enjoy some spa time or simply walk in the surroundings.


Transformational Treats 2022-2023

The Pathway to Your Second Chance in Life!

Harrogate Sept 2022

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Fethiye, Turkey March 2023

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Marrakech, Morocco Sept 2023 

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