Tune Into Possibilities One Day Live Events

From experience, we know that the life you are currently tuned into has been limited. Without you even realising it.

On our one day Tune Into Possibilities events, we show you how to become aware of the wider field of possibilities that are open to you; teaching you the most valuable skill you could ever choose to learn by tuning into those possibilities. 

We teach you to access your creative genius.


When you learn to live this way consistently there are three major benefits, you:

  • feel complete, knowing that you are not broken - you were just tuned into the wrong frequency
  • are able to magnetically attract success in all areas of your life with your focus on the right frequency
  • are able to contribute in a much richer way to the people that matter to you


Your Ticket Options:

One Day Event

£27 +vat

  •  Access to the event
  • Workbook
  • Choose your event and select view more

VIP Ticket

£97 + vat


As per the standard ticket plus:

- Front Row Tickets

- Private Lunch With Thrive & Grow Co-Founders